Monday, July 18, 2011

couple things i noticed

Been a busy little weekend.

In-laws are in town so we've been goin' HAM on some booze and eatin' good in the neighborhood. Grilled some steaks, beer brats, corn on macabre and potatoes on Saturday, that was probably the highlight.

Trying to think, what else did I do?

Oh yeah, I totally changed the tire on my bike! True story. I got a flat on Tuesday, and both the treads were bald, so it was time to bring the bike in, fix the flat and grab some new tires.

After talking to the dude, he suggested a couple options, and once I exclaimed about the price, he said he'd do the labor for free. DONE

Naturally I asked if it's something I could, or should, do myself.

He nodded affirmatively.

So he took me back, changed the rear tire, the one with the hole, and showed me how it's done...with the idea being I'd see it, and then get home and do the front.

It was going fine, until I checked the front tube, to make sure there wasn't a hole in it. So after pumping some air UPINNATBIT, you can imagine my surprise when a leak made itself audible.

SWEATYRAGE - I don't have another tube laying around.

Eh, so I'm about halfway done, will grab a tube sometime this week and get it thrown on there.

Went tubing down the Huron River on Sunday, for like 4 hours. It was really nice, but the pinnacle for us was one of our friends bringing fried chicken.

Fried chicken? Heck yeah. What a delicious pre- and post-river-tubing treat.

Anyway, just wanted to touch on a couple things that aren't totally worthy of their own blogs, but struck me as totally blogworthy.

First, a month or two ago, Heckyeahwoman and I were just hitting the liquor store quick, when as we were leaving, we noticed the lady who checked out behind us was leaving too. She was a remarkably average woman, kinda chubby, kinda frumpy, nothing really MILFY about her.

She had mom-hair, kinda mom-jeans, and looked completely run of the mill.

Except for one thing, as she was getting into her car, we noticed another woman passenger sitting shotgun.

Obviously they were lesbians.

But that's not the strange part. No, the strange part is that the lady bought a bag of Kruncher's Potato Chips and a bottle of cheap red wine. Not something you see every day.

Think that's weird?

One of the last bike rides I was on, there was a jogger on the trail ahead. Pretty normal. 'Cept the thing is, as I was getting ready to pass him, he flashed me a thumbs up.

Trail was totally clear, wasn't like he was letting me know there was nobody ahead.

Was he letting me know that I have his permission, that it's OK, to pass him?

I think he was confused, THIS MY TRAIL. Whose trail?


Got a special HUMP DAY PUMP UP coming up in two (2) days. Guaranteed to get those PUMP Juices flowing.

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