Friday, June 3, 2011

quick memorial day rundown

Yeah so Heckyeahwoman and I went out to the mountains over Memorial Day weekend - her for an academic conference for scientists and to get fucked up with my buddy and climb mountains.

So my friend was kind enough to drive down to Denver to pick us up, drop HYW at her hotel downtown, and drive my awesome ass back to Laramie, WY. That's WYoming, not WYsconsin fyi.

I'll keep this wrap up brief, but on Friday we snowshoed down a mountain. Then right back up the goddamn mountain. While I'd say the snowshoeing was a good idea, getting loaded Thursday night and attempting to do it with a hangover was a bad one.

You ever see the CEO of HYM dot com dryheaving on a mountain? Well I know two people and two dogs that did.

Afterward, it was a good thing that we stopped at the base of the mountain for a couple beers and GREEN CHILI PIZZA WHATS UP.

You ever see the CEO of HYM dot com get a raging FOODBONER? Yeah, I know.

Next day we hiked up another mountain range, did some bouldering and I got mud on my jeans. It was awesome. Tried to not be so hungover, good choice.

Sunday we went whitewater rafting, and I guess you could say that was the pinnacle of the trip. The water was like 42 degrees, so we were bundled up in wetsuits (with the booties!), fleece pullovers, splash jackets, life vests and helmets. For me, I'd say the highlight of the rafting trip was hurdling down class 4+ rapids backwards and taking a drop that is taller than me...while the guide is screaming at us at the top of her lungs.

Good thing she (the guide) told us right before that rapid that if we fell out, we probably wouldn't survive lol.

Laramie, where my friend and his wife live, is a really cool town. There's a college there, about 27 thousand people and all the bars we went to were really awesome. The foods were tasty, the multiple breweries (again, in a town of 27k!) were fantastic and my friends were really hospitable.

I know I kind of glazed over a bunch of stuff, but do you really want to read about me and my buddy calling each other gay in front of his wife? Do you really want to read about how vulgar and obnoxious we got at the bar each night? Do you really want to read about me watching the movie Step Brothers with really low expectations, but then having my mind blown by how hilarious that movie is? Do you really want to read about us in some townie bar and me playing Coalesce on the jukebox? Or the fact that I could even play Coalesce on the jukebox, considering the bar we were in?

After rafting, I headed back to Denver for a couple nights and partied with friends (and my wife). Good to see all them (again, and my wife).

Then on the flight back, some weird dude behind us kept saying he was from Northwestern. In fact, while eavesdropping on his conversation with a guy, it was actually hard to follow because he said he was from Northwestern so much, it totally ruined the flow of the conversation. Other bits I picked out from his conversation with the guy two seats down from him:

He has no idea how he traveled before iPads. In fact, he has no idea so badly that he loudly questioned how anybody did indeed travel before iPads. This tells me that he may be wondering if there's anybody on the plane that concurs. Or else he's just another iPad-owning fuckhead that wants to let other people know that he's an iPad-owning fuckhead.

You remember how annoying iPhone-owners were from 2006-2010? Yeah, that's this fat fuck.

Also, he kept mentioning law school. I have no idea how that factors into the conversation other than him talking about business law topics and something about law school. Either way, he was morbidly obese and probably paid for the seat right next to him, because it was empty.

Surprisingly, he didn't brag about purchasing that second seat.

Shoot, I almost forgot: the Wednesday night before we left, we (HYW and I) had to run out to grab a couple things for the trip, and we found ourselves at the mall. Yeah, but the good news is I found a sick pair of Khaki pants at Banana Republic, on sale, and then with another 25% off!


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