Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Wait what?



Feel that grimace at 0:09, then feel it again at 0:19. It's like, when you're watching a band, at the peak of their PUMP, and they're rocking out, jamming so hard for you, and throwing out grimaces that hard, that early in the song, you know you're in for a PUMP-filled ride.

For real do, if I'm taking in some live music, and I don't get 5 solid grimaces in the first minute of their first song, I can't promise that I'll stick around for the rest of the set.

And I'm definitely not buying an overpriced t-shirt (but I will help myself to a couple free stickers, motherPUMPers).

These dudes are even grimacing between words. Try coordinating your vocals with well placed grimaces. Yeah, good luck, chumps.

If that doesn't work, revel in the mid-paced, old school death metal glory that Jungle Rot is so PUMPED to share with you:

Aside from the potentially seizure-inducing strobe lights being reflected off the guitars, there really isn't much else PUMPWORTHY about Jungle Rot. I have a sneaking suspicion that the majority of readers don't care about 90's style death metal. And that's cool.

It's like at work I keep trying to get this hipster chick into the band Hate Eternal. I try PUMPING it up (no pun intended) to her, saying how awesome the new album is. I even IM'd her the new single.


I don't think she understands the name "Hate Eternal". She, like most chicks, is probably and understandably put off by the word "hate". Fair enough.

I even told her this elaborate, detailed story of how I first put the cd in my car's cd player and how blown away I was by how brutal the production is. Seriously devastating, folks. Listen to this song:

Is that not one of the most devastating things you've ever heard? The whole album is nonstop BLASTING. Luckily, they threw a little dynamics into that tune, not much though lol.

Whatever, people eventually grow out of Pitchfork-jocked bullshit like The National and TV on the Radio, right?



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