Friday, June 24, 2011

couple things here

Just read an interesting article about Ron Artest. Yeah, he has recently filed legal paperwork to change his name to Metta World Peace. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but it's for "personal reasons".

I think it's probably because he's a dipshit.

Normally I wouldn't consider a "man" who has won an NBA championship, made millions of dollars, and been recognized for outstanding service and dedication to his community a dipshit, but I think we can make that case relatively easily.

As the article noted, he sparked the biggest brawl in NBA history by acting like an animal and fighting fans. I guess the more I think about it, I think him chasing a couple fans up into the stands and fighting them is pretty awesome.

Dude went feral on those poor fans lol.

But back to his name change.

No word yet on whether he misspelled "meta" lol or rather his jersey will have "World Peace" or "Peace" on the back.

Though I think that this might explain President Obama's weak Afghanistan pull-out: he may have had advance knowledge of Artest's name change and was counting on that to actually usher in a new era of world peace.

OK, real quick, you tell me, is that hot dog Dunn or not?

You decide!



Totally unrelated, but still awesome, and a great way to creep into your weekend: a band, Hostage Calm, is offering their new album for free download. All you have to do is the right thing.

They drafted an email to NY's Senators and you just throw in your name and email address, click submit and you'll be prompted to download the album!


Please note that I hate equality, tolerance and open minds.

OK last thing, on Saturday, my friend and I will be making the hour long trek down to Toledo, OH to purchase fireworks. Then we're gonna stop at the Cabela's and buy a bunch of outdoorsy stuff, like fishing licenses and maybe a Bear Grylls survival knife.

If I'm feeling saucy, I might pick up a fishing pole. Think about that for a minute. Imagine the blog potential of me fishing. You ever seen me fillet a fish before? You ever eaten a fish that I filleted before? Pure bones.

When I was a kid, my dad would go back and refillet the fish that my brother and I cut up lol. It was kind of like when my dad would field dress a deer, my brother would go back and re-field dress it. And by re-field dress it, I mean roll around in the gut pile until we got yelled at.

Our outdoors phase didn't last long lol.

I'll keep you posted on the Cabela's finds!

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