Friday, June 17, 2011

but the research says

There has been some research in Canada, and I hate to associate MSNBC and MSN or Keith Olbermann with anything scientific, factual or relevant, but where was I now? Oh yeah, some doctors did a study and found that, and I'm serious - check the link for proof, that large amounts of people staying inside during a hockey game reduces the amount of visits to the emergency room.

That's right, by watching hockey games you lower your chance for an ER visit.

For real?

So staying indoors for three hours is going to cut down on having to go to the hospital? By not being out doing dangerous things like leaving your tiny studio apartment and facing the dangers of the outside world, you are actually safer?

Was money spent on this study? Goddamn, hopefully there wasn't a grant involved. Hey taxpayers, you just footed the bill for some of the crappiest research ever! Sorry lol!

Whose novel idea was this? Maybe it was just doctors killing time while bored at the ER. As reported, visits dropped way off during the game cited in the study.

Maybe it's not the study that's so bad. It could be the mind numbing write up. I think I'm actually dumber for reading that.

Holy shit, the scientists I know would piss all over this lousy bullshit that is being passed off as a scientific study. Yeah, they'd get out their SigmaPlot software, beakers and plethysmographs and hit the lab with a huge pot of coffee and wouldn't leave until they massaged data to say what they want it to say.

One last thing, my wife is a doctor, and she wanted me to note that not all doctors are Canadian.

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