Friday, May 27, 2011

people watching

Rather, women watching.

Correction: OK, leering at women in public.

Addendum: watching broads head to the bathroom, then timing them and guessing if they're pooping or peeing.

Does anybody else find themselves doing this at the mall for hours on end? C'mon now, cop to it - you can comment anonymously so your wives will never know what a creeper you are.

Totally unrelated: right now I might be dead or dying from a whitewater rafting accident in the Rockies. And if that doesn't kill me there's a good chance I'll meet my demise from either hiking in the mountains or mountain biking in them. Surely if that doesn't get me, It will probably be the high altitude multiple speedballs combined with mass alcohol consumption while partying with my friends.

So yeah, enjoy these new blog posts while you can. Or don't enjoy them, whatever.

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