Monday, May 2, 2011

love and other drugs: a review


For those not in the know, a decent weekend for me is exercising hard as hell both days, then eating so badly that any exercise I managed to get is more than NEGATED. OK, and any healthy eating or exercise during the week is also negated. Net loss FTW!


Not sure what happened Friday night cause I didn't get THAT tore up, but my hangover on Saturday morning told me otherwise. So we decided to stay in Saturday night...and watch a couple movies.

Heckyeahwoman gave me a couple movies she wanted to see, so at the local Redbox, I snagged 127 hours, one of the movies she allowed me to rent, and then at checkout, Redbox kindly offered me another movie for fifty cents! I'd be a fool to pass up on those kind of savings!

Fifty percent off, for a savings of a total of fifty cents! Life is good!

That deep discount allowed me to snag the other movie HYW suggested I rent: Love and Other Drugs. Eh, you win some, you lose some.

We first watched 127 hours (seemed that long at parts) and I may or may not review that later, but here's the gist (mild spoiler alert): Outdoorsy dude goes out and does outdoorsy things, something crappy happens, he SAWS HIS OWN ARM OFF and lives to tell about it. Decent movie, I wasn't too PUMPED, but it was mildly better than expected.

Next up: Love and Other Drugs. Oh you don't remember that one? It was out just a couple months ago, and not surprisingly, came and went with little fanfare. Check the trailer:

It should be noted that I like Anne Hathaway; she's hot, and well that's about it. I can't think of any role she's had that I really liked, this one included. Also, she's not shy about showing her boobs.

So basically Jake Gyllenhaal is a pharmaceutical drug rep, meets Ms. Hathaway, who is sick and a seriously delusional headcase. Jake pursues her, despite her repeated attempts to push him away, keeps trying to win her affections.

The movie is about as predictable as it gets, and Anne's character is so over the top, you'd be hard pressed to find not only a real chick as crazy as she is, a hot chick that crazy, but also a reasonably handsome and rich dude wasting his time chasing after a nutcase like her. Hot chicks are one thing, but if they're that crazy, and push away that hard, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Also, in some scenes, Jake's deltoids are insanely ripped while the rest of his body is only moderately buff. He isn't that bulked up, but a few shots showed his delts just jacked while the rest of his arms were average. Very strange.

In true RomCom style, he gets the girl in the end. Also in true RomCom style, there is plenty of unintentional hilarity.

Probably the pinnacle of unintentional hilarity happens when Anne is at home drinking vodka, in one of her "moods", Jake gets there, sees she's not right, inquires about her (mental) spirits and offers up a, "thanks for offering", referring to the stiff drink she just poured herself...and not him.

This sets her off as she chases him out the door, slams her drink and while pouring another, she drops the glass and it crashes to the floor. Letting out a primal scream, she sets the stage for a meltdown, and melt down she does. As the camera cuts to Jake exiting through the hallway, her howls, screams and sobs tug on his heart strings. I was tuggin' on something else.

Absolutely insane, I wish I could have found a video of it - very similar to the unintentional hilarity in Revolutionary Road

It's literally about an hour of that kind of back and forth between the two: Jake tries to care, she freaks out, and on and on. The only breathing room you get are a couple boobs and some dumbed down unhilariousness from Jake's millionaire deadbeat brother.

Am I glad I watched it? Well kinda: I knew it would suck, and now I don't have to dread watching it in the future.

Totally unrelated, but equally as hilarious: wants to know: how are you celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month? How the fuck do you think I'm celebrating? By getting piss drunk off Coronas and Margaritas celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Thursday! Fuck you, diversity!


Tampa said...

Although I was disappointed that this post wasn't littered with Anne Hathaway's breasts, I guess I have to say it was good none the less.

Gainesville said...

I too am disappointed. A starlet's big floppy titties flopping around for 2 hours and only a comment in passing? You've changed, man.