Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger is back up!

And the singer of Cannibal Corpse is PUMPED about World of Warcraft!

So articulate!

Meanwhile, there is a suspicious package (not mine) that was found in downtown Ann Arbor that has closed down a couple streets and has the entire city paralyzed in fear.

In other news, my long lunch was cut short by the fact that I had an appointment at two. I hate when work gets in the way of me eating ice cream or having another beer. I also hate when closed down streets downtown means more traffic congestion.

I also hate that dumb bitch that was driving the Honda CR-V that didn't even look before she pulled out of the driveway and almost t-boned me. Bitch, I'll do the t-boning (and boning) around here, slore.

Go deep.

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