Monday, March 21, 2011

plans for friday night

What are you doing tonight man? What is your wife making you do?

We have plans tonight.

What plans did she make for you?

Our friends are having us over for dinner, taco night. Should be fun.

That's lame, why would your wife make you do that?

It was a mutual decision, at which we arrived after much deliberation.

So she made you do it.

Nah, we just usually party with our friends at least one weekend night.

That sounds really gay.

Yeah, I'm actually pretty bummed about having to hang out with my wife tonight. I don't know what I've been thinking for the last nine-plus years. I guess next time I meet an awesome hot chick that rules, amid a sea of slores, I'll just blow her off, instead of marrying her/marking her as my property.

She's still making you go to the dinner party though.

I guess. Totally hate when she makes me hang out with friends, eat tacos, socialize, party, and get loaded. Sucks, bro.

Do you think your friends would mind if I came along too? I don't have anything going on tonight.

I know you don't. Later bro.

This post was inspired by an actual conversation I had.


Anonymous said...

You have a wife?!?!

That's so gay.

HYM said...

sucks bro