Friday, March 4, 2011

the frat house


I'm getting old. Don't believe me? Read this quick little story.

So I've been listening to punk rock and hardcore and punk rock over fifteen years now. Do I love it? Nah. Do I live it? Not really. But in general it does PUMP ME UP. I was giving Gorilla Biscuits CDs as Christmas presents back when you thought MxPx was the best punk band ever.

At a show, often times the crowd is made up of people just like me - normal dudes you wouldn't call punkers, but still enjoying the music we grew up listening to, a night out at a show, and having a couple cold ones.

Not the case at the last one I went to, lots of kids. Part of the problem is because the show was in a frat house. Though I did have a couple cold ones, some shots and a couple lines off the toilet seat in the bathroom, so my memory is kinda blurry.

But yeah, you read that right; I went to a metal show in a frat house. Cool thing, Ann Arbor actually has a venue called the Metal Frat. And it's a legit frat - Sigma Something. House was sick too. Though towards the end of the night, I was pretty loaded, wandering around, looking for the turlet cause I couldn't quite remember where it was, and one of the brothers asked me, "What are you DOING?"

"Just lookin' to pinch one quick, bro(ther)."

My friend's band was having their record release show, and they were great. The album SMOKES. Again though, living in a college town, and the show being at a frat house, you're gonna have a younger crowd.

How young?

I swear some kids were 15 or 16. Then I swear there were some 40+ year old weirdos too.

Anyway, it was like right before the last band of the night and my buddy and I needed more beers, so we went to the bar (yes the frat house has a bar!) get another couple brews. Waiting in line, I was texting my wife (not sure if the younger patrons there knew what a "wife" is yet), and my buddy was just chillin', waitin' his turn.

After looking up from my phone, I see a chick talking to my buddy as he's getting a beer. I go and grab my beer and join the conversation, which has now turned into two chicks and my friend. Despite that's how porno movies sometimes start, not the case here, read on.

Wait a second, how old are these chicks? Literally they must have been 16, no kidding.

That's kinda weird. I can't even remember the last time I talked to a 16 year old lol.

So I finally arrive to the convo, say my what's ups, they talk for a second, I think about soccer (lol weirdos), and all of a sudden the girl on the left yells "OMG HOW OLD ARE YOU GUYS?!?!?!"

She grabs her friend violently by the arm and shouts "OMG LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!!!"

My buddy and I look at each other and break out in furious laughter, thinking the same thing: we're gonna have a great story to tell Monday morning at work.

So funny, we laughed so hard for like five minutes. Also kind of depressing lol.

Takeaway 1: lol we're getting old.

Takeaway 2: Idol and the Whip is awesome. GRASSCUTTTTTTER


Anonymous said...

Any hip 52 yr olds at the concert/frat house?


heck yeah, man said...

yeah, someone's dad showed up and moshed furiously.