Friday, February 4, 2011

weeknight journey

Wow, don't even know where to begin here.

Thursday evening, just left the office, headin' to the gym. FUCK, huge backup on the highway. Wasn't even an accident, just some idiot got pulled over. Like, if I'm going to be stuck in a traffic delay, there better be some gruesome accident, with dead bodies pilin' up, just for my troubles.

Great way to start off Thirsty Thursday. Gonna skip the gym cause it's already 6:30, and I'm not even off the highway yet.

Finally get home, I'm pissed, "hey Heckyeahwoman, you want to go to the mall or Penney's or something?"

After a little back-and-forth, she agrees. Off to Penney's and Macy's, so she can spend some store credit left over from the holidays.

Naturally we're both hungry, and after like two hours of dicking around the mall, it's like 8:30. So after discussing where to eat, and after I mention to her that one of my sick-jeans'ed co-workers mentioned going to Ruby Tuesday earlier in the week for lunch, we decide it sounds tasty.

Now when my co-worker, and his sneezed upon jeans, suggested getting lunch at Ruby Tuesday, I scoffed at him, "that's too far, bro".

He shot right back, "bro, it's only by the mall, bro. And that salad bar is so sick, bro".

Shooting a dagger into the dying heart of his request, "bro, like I said, too far".

End of discussion...

Until we were at the mall last night, thinking we should hit it up for dinner. So we drive up and down State Street (the alleged location) three times, thinking we merely missed it each of the previous times. Finally, on our 2nd lap around the mall, I text my bird-flu-denim'd co worker, and he tells me, "yeah, just like a mile past the mall, take a right on Michigan Ave, it's on the right".

We wound up driving like six miles until we finally found this place. Like five text messages, asking where the hell this place was, and one phone call, describing in detail the very location, and there it was.

And you know what? It was one of the most epic Thursday night dinners I've ever had.

Having not been in a Ruby Tuesday's for like five years, I was expecting a bar and grill, with a sweet salad bar. Turns out, it was like a Macaroni Grill, minus the macaroni, but plus a salad bar...and same level of classiness!

It was awesome!

Like, somebody classed that joint up too. Fancy napkins, great bathrooms, shitty seafood on the menu in the middle of Michigan trying to play itself off as legit, regal booths...dude, Ruby Tuesday's is the dope. Food wound up being pretty decent, standard fare.

But the salad bar was tasty. I mean, how can you ferk up a salad bar? Stick that with pizza, tacos, beer, whiskey, and blowjobs in the unfuckupable file.

Bottom line: we live in Ann Arbor, and we drove to a neighboring town, Saline, to get to that goddamned place. Was it worth it? Oh yeah. But we did drive OUT OF TOWN to go out for dinner on a Thursday night, cause we thought the place was "just down the street", as we', as I'd been led to believe.

And then to top it off, when we got home, Heckyeahwoman told me that our 6 month old kitten, Orange Guy, recently got his second kitty-boner. This, after she nearly had a meltdown the other night, when he got his FIRST kitty-boner.

That dark red boner sure was striking against his handsome orange fur.

Weekend is almost here, Packers are in the Super Bowl, Hines Ward belongs in a zoo, and I would have Clay Matthews III's baby.

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