Monday, February 28, 2011

rooney rule

This post got lost in them mix, and I just found this hidden in the unfinished archives from like a year ago.

The NFL's Rooney Rule says that you must interview a minority for leadership positions - like head coach or executive stuff. The goal was to increase the number of African American coaches across the league.

It's shit like this that made me try to draft an all-white fantasy football team a couple years ago. You ever see anybody draft a kicker in the fourth round? It started out fine - I drafted a QB first, then a couple receivers and a tight end. But when your number one receiver is Donny Avery, that's a problem. Then I realized I needed a couple RBs. Matt Forte is close, but not close enough lol.

But seriously, a team is looking to fill a position, and has to schedule one token interview. Who actually wants that insult/interview? I can only imagine getting that call to schedule an interview from whatever team, and knowing it was just a formality. That's almost worse than being passed over because of your race. Almost worse than Rodger Goodell whipping out his weiner and slapping you across the face with it.

Lol @ being forced to patronize people. Like, if I'm going to patronize somebody, it's not gonna be black people. Nah, I'm all about mocking, patronizing and tormenting the elderly.

Truth is, I'm widely known as a racist to many. But this is insane.

The funny thing is that people keep saying that race doesn't matter; it doesn't matter what color your skin is. Apparently it does.

Now if somebody made a rule that the NBA had to have a higher number of white players, or whatever, people would be freaking out.

Freaking the fo out, man. But fuck the NBA anyway.

I'm pretty sure NFL teams don't give a crap what color some dude's skin is; the owner just wants a coach to put the team in position to win/fill seats, and players to turn opposing teams' brains to mush. Worse, how many women head coaches are there in the NFL? Homosexual? The takeaway here: misogyny and homophobia are cool only if you're discriminating against white men and/or patronizing hardworking African American men.

Let's look at a real life example here - me.

At my last job, when I was involved in the interviewing process, three (3) of the four (4) people hired were what most would call minorities. Somehow they got hired based on their merits and potential to succeed, rather than the color of their skin haha omg.

It's funny, I just read the wikipedia page, and some legal scholars are looking to extend the Rooney Rule outside of just the NFL, to college football. The phrase "legal scholar" might be a misnomer here. I always thought that discrimination is generally illegal, and that racism is bad. But wikipedia, eh.

As a racist joke connoisseur, and because this rule is obviously racist, I'd like to send a big burning cross out to Dan Rooney and the rest of the Rooney family for their contributions to continuing racism well into the twenty first century.

Congratulations you dumb fucks.

Go Packers!

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Tamparoney said...

I wonder if Rooney's other businesses practice the same rule.

Just askin'.