Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Was at the bar with a fellow dudebro on Saturday night, broin' down, drankin' beers, eatin' fried food, creepily leering at 6/10's, and gettin' loaded. Yes, I dared leave the comfort of my own living room.

Being that we were at a SPORTS BAR, each of the 37,000 TVs were featuring one sporting event or another.

Turns out, most of our attention was focused on the Pitt - Villanova matchup, and our mindfulness paid off: we witnessed an epic scuffle, of sorts. And it was as PUMPY as it gets.

Watch the video below and get PUMPED over this dudes little stealth right-hook-under-the-guise-of-a-brohug.

Lol, that Villanova dude took a play right outta the PITTsburgh Steelers' playbook with that nice little cheap shot. Pretty awesome though. It was hilarious, we were actually watching the game when it happened. That 10 seconds of brohug/punch was replayed at least 30 times, from every single angle...even from angles where I didn't think they had cameras.

Speaking of punches. Check out this fake vid of some little punk decking some other little punk.

Man, when I was in high school, I never got to see anything that blatantly awesome. Well, one time I saw *** ****** get beat up, and that was pretty awesome. SO PUMPED.

I remember I was heading to class, and there was moderate sized crowd gathered around some hurried activity. Then all I remember is that fuck head pushing his way outta there, probably into the bathroom, bloody face and all. Kept that INNER-PUMP to myself, cause I was a skinny little turd back then. But yo, I was still PUMPED.

Dude was such a little shit.

Then I remember one time after class, waiting for the buss one winter - I think it was my freshman year of high school. I was chillin', waiting for my bus to pull up, and I see some dude push his girlfriend into a snowbank, then board the bus.

Not sure what spurred it, don't know the story, don't care, just ROFL'D. And this was before ROFLing even existed, back in like '96.

I'd never seen anything like that before lol it was awesome. Got me so PUMPED that I almost missed my bus.

Then I realized that I almost missed my bus and my PUMP turned into PISSED. So PISSED that I DIDN'T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND TO THROW INTO THE SNOWBANK.


BONUS PUMP: my friend's band, Idol and the Whip, is playing a record release show this Saturday night, and I got PUT ON THE LIST, VIP TREATMENT AT THE CLUB AND WILL PROBABLY GET AN AUTOGRAPHED 8X10 GLOSSY. Their new record is awesome, check it out.