Monday, February 14, 2011

conversation from a bookstore

Hey I hope everybody had a great weekend! It's like Sunday ends, and then all of a sudden we get blindsided by Valentine's Day.

Or maybe we don't.

Anyway, did some Valentine's Day shopping on Saturday, it was nice. Since my wife is a doctor, I try to get her things that I think smart people like - chemistry sets, computers, diploma frames and BOOKS.

And there I was, at the bookstore. Having a couple books I kinda wanted to pick up, I asked the customer service lady to see if they had them in stock cause I was too lazy to go dicking around.

They had a kindle-looking device on display up there, and after eyeballing it, I kindly inquired about it. Here's the actual conversation that took place:

"That thing looks cool, what is that, for checking out e-books?", I axe her.


"Cool, and then you download them onto this kindle thing, and then what? Does it automatically convert it into movie form so you don't have to waste your time reading?"

"Excuse me?", she asks.

"If I buy that thing, can I download a book, and then have that thing convert it into a movie, so it's like it's a dvd?"

"Not exactly; it's actually a downloadable, readable e-version of the book," she answered, looking annoyed.

"Does it even read the book back to you? Like in a wide selection of interesting voices to choose from?"

"Not that I know of. We do have a full selection of audio books over there, if you're interested."

My barrage of questions follows: "you still have to read it? Why wouldn't you just buy the book if you wanted to waste time reading? Do they even make a product that converts downloaded books into movies?"

"Not that I know of."

"Cool, well do you know if that's something that's in the pipeline? I bet it would be huge", as I leave.

Went over, perused the bargain books, and settled on a $6.99 book about something or other.

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BieberLover said...

C**** sure is a lucky woman :)
BTW - the captcha below wants me to type "upepe". WTF HYM?