Monday, January 24, 2011


Found this unfinished post, from months back, lurking in my unpublished blog archives. So I finished it up, added a little colour commentary, and we're good.

The other day I was washing my hair, and I realized something: why am I not conditioning my hair too?

I mean, I've experimented with conditioner before, and it's generally been a truly blessed experience. My hair just gets so silky smooth. But it's a pain in the ass - it's like you have to wash your hair twice. And that sucks.

This is my current shampoo sitchu right here:


When I think of fortifying, I think of fortresses. And castles. I think of war, tanks, battering rams, and men manning the ramparts. I don't see any of that shit going on here. Do you?

This is shampoo we're talking about, not the Dark Ages.

Anyway, still wanting to be able to condition my hair, but not wanting to have to repeat the lathering and rinsing, I set out on a mission. Heckyeahwoman has long, nice hair, and it always smells good. So I asked her what I should do. She suggested a shampoo and conditioner combo pack.

Heck yeah she did, man.

To the Winn I go.

Literally within seconds we found a winner:

Hellooooo hydration!

But the thing is, I never really got a chance to enjoy this new shampoo-conditioner combo deal.

Yeah, I brought it home, had it sitting on the counter, Heckyeahwoman must have thought it was for her, and it disappeared into the clean abyss that was her bathroom. Turns out, I had a different shampoo chilling in my bathroom, that I just grabbed instead, totally forgetting about my desire for a conditioning shampoo.

Life goes on, friends.

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