Wednesday, January 12, 2011


How badass does that sound? The reckoning. No, THE RECKONING.

FUCK YEAH. I get PUMPED UP just saying that.

Go ahead, say it to somebody you care about, somebody that means a lot to you:



Say it with conviction to your mom, and feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Yeah, you just told her.

Have some respect, asshole.

Anyway, just a little something that I think sounds a little badass, and in this world of crybaby liberal pussies blaming everything and everybody else, a little badass is just what we need.

But hey, don't let the incessant whining of a few slow you down.


Terror is so awesome. I've seen them live a million times, and every time, it's the best time ever. One time, I went to see them, but I was wearing the singer's previous band's shirt (on purpose, bros). Saw the singer at the bar, went and stood right next to him, ordered a beer, and nothing.


Maybe he didn't notice. Maybe he was flyin' high on PCP (fuck yeah bonus PUMP). Maybe he was just thinkin' about after the show, how he'd inevitably be elbow deep in scene gash. Who knows, who cares.

I know I was thinking about being elbow deep in "fuck yeah this show is awesome, but when the fuck's it gonna end? How many goddamn local bands can they cram into the lineup? Damn, I gotta work tomorrow morning".

Awesome show. I jumped up to grab a piece of the mic and landed pretty much on some little scene twerp. STATUS: MASHED.

Lol @ some dude, pushing 30, climbing over some little shit that's close to half his age, just to sing along lol.

I haven't had a chance to see Terror tour for this album (came out in 08). Main reason being I've more valued getting a good night sleep than going to another hardcore show - getting loaded, driving home, getting kinda sweaty, and it's so much cooler to put the record on and spinkick around the living room, scaring the shit out of the cats, while your wife rethinks her marriage.

See, being married is awesome! HOT WIFE AWESOME LIFE PUMP.

Awesome song, horrible video

No but on the real, it was blizzarding out like crazy yesterday. Started at about 1pm, and we have these monster ass windows in our office, overlooking the parking lot.

Pretty much the entire afternoon I didn't do anything except watch the snow fall. It was awesome.

Apparently not a whole lot about today's HDPU had much to do with "reckoning". That's on me. But being an UNPUMPED TURDFRIEND, that's on you.

Step out of your comfort zone, pinch a coworker's ass, GET PUMPED UP.

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MB said...

the last part of this video reminded me of HYM...