Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The Packers are going to the Super Bowl! (PUMP!) Being on like a 37 game win streak right now, they're definitely the hottest team in the league. Puttin' the hammer down on the Falcons, beating the Bears, and in two weeks, playing the Steelers.

Should be a good game.

Arguably the NFL's greatest rivalry, Packers vs Bears, made for a great NFC Championship this past Sunday. Both teams carry on the rivalry with class, well, as much class as a football team can have.

Unfortunately, the Packers are playing the Steelers, one of the most classless, dirtiest teams in the league. When they're not taking cheap shots, punching the other team, or rapin' chicks, they find time to play football.

Bummer, cause they do play it well.

Led by Hines Ward and James Harrison, you'd be hard pressed to differentiate this team from a group of jail-yard thugs...which is kind of funny, considering they got rid of their best receiver due to him chronically smokin' the...chronic. And throwin' down a little domestic violence. At least he didn't get Chris Henry'd lol.

Cheap shot after cheap shot, often times from behind, Hines Ward gets a little taste of what he gives. Well, except this hit was legal. And then he kicks the defensive player. Kicks him, lol. This is a 35 year old "man", here.

Watch as Hines Ward classes it up on the field. PUMP!

C'mon, if you make the New York Jets look dignified, that's messed up.

Speaking of the New York Jets looking dignified, here's a New York Jet. Not looking dignified. And by not looking dignified, I mean wiping a booger on his bro's jacket.

Here, get PUMPED UP as Rapelisburger does what he does best:

Homeboy just loves those fake boobies!

Anyway, the Super Bowl is in like a week and a half, and if it's anywhere near as boring as last year, I might be in bed by 9pm. But I'll still be SO PUMPED TO GET LOADED, DRINK BLOODY MARYZ, EAT SHITLOADS OF BUFFALO WINGS (THANKS FOR THE AWESOME BUFFALO SAUCE, MOM!), AND ORDER JET'S PIZZA.

Speaking of football though, most of you have probably already seen it, but I ROFL'd.

Get PUMPED as Favre starts acting up again lol.

In totally un-football related news, it blizzarded out the other day and I saw some little kid totally wipe out on the sidewalk lol.



AJK said...

LOLOL - Should I just leave voicemails? Instead of dick pics??

heck yeah, man said...

leave both, though im not sure if you can post images in the comments

AJK said...

Ok, since I don't have said male member, I'll just have to find one to take a picture of. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

show'em if ya got'em

Matt said...

I'm not saying your a dick, but Brett Farve just sent me your picture.

The Steelers are going to beat the Packers just like I used to beat you in ffl circa 2008. Tell Awesome Gal I said "sup."

hym said...