Monday, January 10, 2011

beware the salt

Forgot about this little gem from the holidays.

So we were doin' some gift opening with Heckyeahwoman's family, and it was great. They always host a really nice holiday. Her family has been really awesome, and they were pretty cool about it when I accidentally shot her (now deceased) brother last Thanksgiving. Condolences again.

So midway through the gift extravaganza, and I don't even remember who gave the gift, or who received it, but there was an exotic salt and spice gift set unearthed frumunda the tree (like the cheese). It really did look awesome and tasty.

After showing us how awesome the different exotic salts were, Heckyeahsisterinlaw explained a little bit about each one. That was good for me, cause I don't know shit about salt, other than "it makes things taste good".

Then I think it was the Himalayan Pink Salt, she said that you have to be careful, because it's not always fair trade/child labor/organic/bullshit.

And what happened next totally blew my mind.

Her last sentence was, "So you have to do your research before you buy".

Holy lol, doing research on salt? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? I don't give a fuck where my salt comes from, as long as it's salty.

I do research before I buy a car, a house, an mp3 player, a cell phone, but NOT a jar of fucking salt. I don't give a shit if it comes from the ground up umbilical cordz of aborted kittens. If it tastes good, I'm putting it in my mouth.

Read that again: if it tastes good, I'm putting it in my mouth.

And you can take those words to the bank.


Duck said...

Haha! Frumunda cheese! grooosssssss...sounds like you tasted your own in the previous post.

heck yeah, man said...

quack quack