Monday, December 13, 2010

a strange day

Damn, this must have been like almost 10 years ago. If my memory serves me, I was a sophomore in college. This blog wasn't even a fleeting thought. Must've been early-mid December, as the fall semester was coming to an end.

After a rough day of easy day college classes, I was pretty tired. To make matters worse, I'd been suffering from a horrible cold, and just wanted to go home to take a nap. Hell, I even skipped the gym that day. But there was one thing I needed to do before nap-time.

Get a haircut.

Srsly, my hairz were getting all kinds of shaggy, and that ain't how I roll.

No worries as I swung by Cost Cutters for a quick cut. Goddamnit, it'll be a 10 minute wait. Didn't have much choice, so I waited. Finally my name got called, and there we are -basking in the glory of a sweet haircutter chair. There's something so comforting about that familiar shitty hair-cutter smell. Something even more comforting about a trashy, borderline-not-really-hot, high school drop-out skank running her bony fingers through my hair.

Being that I had a brutal cold, my nose was running like nonstop. Ur boi had the sniffles, and I kept wiping my nose to prevent snot from running into my mouf. But one time, about halfway through, as I went to wipe my nose, I noticed the kleenex was bloody. That's weird.

And just like that, the blood started dripping out my nose. Yeah, a nosebleed.

OK, this is kind of embarrassing. With a nervous smile, I excused myself into the bathroom. Couple minutes later, back to the haircut. I don't know, during the winter it's a little dryer, and I guess my nose thought it would be good to bleed a little. Just happy I ain't bleed all over my sweet Jncos, or sick 2XL ICP t-shirt.

No doubt the stylist cuttin' on my hair thought it was weird. In fact, I could see the disdain on her face as she noticed my nosebleed. Now she can think about what's weirder - a customer getting a nosebleed mid-cut, or me stiffing her ass with no tip. Note, stIffing her ass, not stUffing her ass.

I don't remember whether or not I did manage to get that nap. But I do know that my haircut was awesome.

Not sure why I thought this story was worth sharing.

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shawt said...

LOL - I lololove this blog so much.