Friday, December 3, 2010

end of week wrap up

First, thank you for all the comments!

After seeing the monster comment success of HUMP DAY'S PUMP UP from this week, I thought it was nigh time for your boy to acknowledge some of the extra sassy comments from the past couple weeks.

Can't remember when, but a post or two ago, "shawty" commented: "Why are we even friends?". I honestly have no idea who it is. Either way, I hate the commenter, love the comment. Lol @ the anonymous comment after my response: "fuck you, asshat".

That one, I truly have no idea who it is.

But you know what? I hope they die. But not before they find someone to replace the pageviews!

Check out this sweet comment from the most recent HUMP DAY:

Holy ROFL at that little trollgodhead poking out of the clouds. Also, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT "B" LOGO DOING ON THAT BASEBALL PLAYER'Z CAP?


And yo, check this out, I arrive at work on Monday morning, and immediately get an IM from my homeboi, ****. It had a link in it.

The following youtube video is that link. Mom, maybe don't watch.

"I don't want a bitch that reads".
"Opinionated girls talk back. I ain't axe you shit. Who da fuck are you?"

Tuesday morning I woke up to look at my league's fantasy football standings. Good news - I'm in second place! Greater news - Heckyeahwoman is still in first place!


I ain't marry a chick that's gonna suck it up all season. Nah, shawtie makin' moves, gettin' points and findin' ways to win. Thing is, I never hear her thank GOD for a single one of her points. Though I do definitely hear her slam cupboards, beer bottles, the coffee table, and the cat when she's not winning lol.

It's like I've found the ultimate way to get under her skin: have her lose at fantasy football. Though the last three times we've played, she's uh...beat me. So yeah.

May be time for me to buss out my brass knucks.

What a week! Oh, and I'm going on like 9 straight days of getting loaded heck yeah should be a brutal weekend.


shawty said...

I hate your stinkin guts too. Thanks for the shout out! Terd.

Anonymous said...

get sofa king waste, bruh.

Anonymous said...

i eat obama's piss.

nmekas said...

i wat ur dic in mi mouf now

cplumb said...

i want ur dik 1st bro

GvilleWooGirl said...

Ummm...sounds like your member is very wanted, HYM. Weird.

Real Chris said...

i don't want anyone's dick. no dick please.