Friday, December 31, 2010

best of 2010

Hey, it's my annual top 10 albums of the year! Go ahead, check them out, and maybe you'll have a sick new soundtrack with which to ring in the new year/get t-boned by a semi as you're drunk driving home from a crazy NYE party.

Let's start out with my biggest disappointment from the year: Minus the Bear - Omni.
Now I'm not saying it's bad, cause it's really good. Just that when your lead single is as awesome as My Time (below), and the rest of the songs on the album pale, that (fucking) sucks (, bro). While this album is my biggest disappointment, the single is my favorite song of the year. Check it out:

10. Ke$ha - Cannibal
Having just come out in November, it didn't have much time to creep into my top 10. But it's Ke$sha: you only need to hear it once before any verse or chorus becomes permanently embedded in your little pea brain. And besides, I was actually thinking about putting Jason Derulio in this spot lol. With a couple (of the nine) tracks re-recorded or whatever from Animal, she still manages to cram more awesome (even a ballad!) into an EP than most bands can muster in a lifetime of crappiness.

8. Integrity - The Blackest Curse
Integrity is awesome; this album is awesome. Having been around longer than I've been alive (that's not totally true, but they have probably been around longer than you've been alive), Integrity rarely releases a dud; Integ2000 WAS GOOD, pussybeats. Oh yeah, fast, thrashy, evil, metallic hardcore with solos and a whole lot of awesome. If you're into that thing, welcome to the 8th best album of the year. If you're not, become intimately familiar with chugging bleach.

7. Fortune & Glory - Centurion
Wait, who? My goddamn friend's band from Madison, WI. Think if New Found Glory were still a local band, had arguably the most handsome guitar player ever, and featured a bassist that I'm friends with on facebook because he reads my blog, and you have Fortune & Glory. Fast, catchy, awesome pop-punk with hardcore nuances, I love it. Unfortunately, they're breaking up, but not before they were kind enough to agree to play my 37th birthday party next July! Thanks guys! Anyway, this got a lot of rotation in my car, and will be great to play on a nice Spring day.

6. The Damned Things - Ironiclast
Been waitin' on this album since I heard it was coming out, like a year ago. The Damned Things feature the singer from Every Time I Die, couple dudes in Fall Out Boy, couple dudes from Anthrax, some bass player from I have no idea where. Sound sketchy? It's not. They come together to play some insanely catchy, classic heavy metal influenced hard rock. Handbook For the Recently Deceased and We've Got a Situation Here are so catchy that it actually pisses me off. Like really pisses me off. At first, many people think that three guitarists is overkill, but with awesome melodies and catchiness, The Damned Things pull it off. Oddly, my least favorite song on the album is actually the hardest track, Graverobber.

5. Ke$ha - Animal
Appears Ke$ha is the Strung Out of 2010 with two (2) entries on my top 10. Yes, I'd rather have double Strung Out or double Maroon 5 on the list, but this is fine too. Ok, Ok, Ok, I get it; a lot of people hate Kesha. But not this guy. Her album is insane - insane awesome. First time I heard Tik-Tok, I couldn't stop singing it. And it's that way with every song. Yo, I get that there's no substance, and it's totally throwaway, that's cool. But the sheer catchiness of the songs is impossible to ignore. Let me put it this way, when you're cruising around shopping with your stepmom, and she's singing "I threw up in the closet, and I don't care...cause the sun is coming up and oh my God I think I'm still fucked up" along with the album, you know you've got a winner. Ok, and Ke$ha is kind of hot in some trashy, hot mess sort of way. Shoot yeah.

4. Vampire Weekend - Contra
True story, I was way late in getting into this band. I think their last self titled album came out in like 2007. Didn't manage to listen to that until the end of 09, and this came out in January 2010. Having initially dismissed it as shitty indie rock made by Ray Ban wearing preppy fuckheads (well, it kind of is, minus the shitty part), I happily passed them over for a couple years. Big mistake. Their afro-indie vibe is just too catchy to not enjoy. Yeah, the couple slower songs on the album REALLY FUCKING SUCK, but the more upbeat, poppier joints are impossibly awesome. Give Up the Gun, Cousins, and California English are lessons in how to write awesome songs if you're an indie-rocker. Also, album opener, Horchata, with it's beachy, feel good vibe, had the honor of being played during the processional at my wedding. Try to be pissed off when you're listening to that song. Go ahead...unless of course you're one of the many broads that didn't hit the lottery by winning the sweepstakes to marry me. Then I understand if you're pissed when you hear this song. Congrats again Heckyeahwoman.

3. Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
My third favorite album of 2010 was also my third most anticipated album of 2010. Their task of surpassing the awesome that is The '59 Sound (2008) would seem insurmountable, and indeed it was. This album is substandard compared to their previous long player; however, it is superior to every other album released this year, save for two (see below, idiot). Featuring a distinctly more bluesy/motown vibe on many of their songs, the Gaslight Anthem really showcases frontman Brian Fallon's great voice. Should be noted that this band is aping Chamberlain's Exit 263, which is fine, because that album is fantastic as well. And David Moore is a better singer & lyricist. And Chamberlain is better.

2. Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis
Dude, this band can't stop getting better. When they started, I didn't give much of a shit because it was just some dude yelling over insane, chaotic music played by musicians that are unquestionably more talented than anything you listen to. As their second and third albums came out, we found them experimenting with, uh, experimentation...and accessibility & clean vocals - making them much more than just a technical hardcore band. It's great to see singer Greg Puciato's progressively improving pipes over the course of a few albums; he's matured into a fantastic, dynamic vocalist. Of course they haven't ditched heir trademark crazy, techy, mathy brand of hardcore; they just now know how to write fully developed, catchy, awesome songs. Not a stinker in the bunch.

1. Maroon 5 - Hands All Over
By far, my favorite album of 2010, check this sweet review from right after it came out. It's Maroon 5 - you hate them, I love them; move on, shitheads.

Should have been in the top 5: Have Heart - 10.22.09. This live album should have been awesome, but the vocals were completely inaudible. Where da vocalz at?

Played out? I don't give a shit, I love this:

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