Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So check this out: I work with this little guy, nice little dude - kinda weird, but homeboy gets it.

He really gets it.

He's fulla the pump.

Don't believe me? Look at how PUMPED he is when I told him I'm so awesome that even my cats have cats.

That's right turdfriend, even my cats have cats.

The other day at work I was lurkin' redtube, no it was youjizz, wait no it was pornhub, nah I think it was tube8, musta been eskimotube, pretty sure it was freeones, aaaahhh it was youtube. Yeah, I was browsin' youtube, and came across this badass song to fill your tank fulla PUMPJUICE:

Not pumped up? Well guess what, watch this next vid, and notice the guitar the, uh, the uh FUCKING GUITARIST is playing. What the heck, pussybeats, you think I want you to notice the guitar the drummer is playing?

Well I have that same guitar. But:

1. Mine is a different color, and came with different pickups. Lol I guess it wouldn't technically be the same then.
2. I don't play mine nearly as well.
3. Mine isn't tooooooned nearly as low.

BUT I'M STILL ALL KINDS OF PUMPED UP cause this next song is awesome too:

Shit's so catchy, dawg.

And on a totally unrelated note, I finally came to the conclusion that I'm not a beard guy. Nah, I'm more of a designer stubble kinda dude. So I had to cut NOVEMBEARD A LITTLE SHORT.

By like a week and a half.

And after Heckyeahwoman incessantly complained about it, she didn't even notice that I shaved it off. I figure she must've heard the trimmer buzzing; but who knows, maybe she thought I was just trimmin' up my naughty bits.

Just think, a week from today, you'll probably be on your way to wherever you're going, ready to FURIOUSLY NOM on some turkey. Stay PUMPED the next couple days, do shitloads of drugs this weekend, and suffer through the first couple days of next week, and then before you know it, HUMP DAY PUMP UP PRE TURKEY DAY PUMP UP rears its PUMP-FILLED HEAD and brings you into the looooooooooong weekend.

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the wee one said...

heck yeah i love this shit