Wednesday, November 10, 2010



Went to this bar over the weekend and they had whiskey shots...chased by a shot of pickle juice. Easily the best thing I've done recently. It was unbelievably tasty. Even Heckyeahwoman, who hates whiskey (more than she hates me), loved it!

Totally went to the store on Sunday and bought a jar of pickles. They should be all gone by the weekend...or tomorrow - leaving a good half jars worth of pickle juice. SHIT YEAH.

Quick update on last week's HUMP DAY PUMP UP, featuring this video: I got some good news (the video is awesome), and some bad news (it caused me to be defriended on facebook).

Lol it's true, I posted the video on facebook, received an angry comment, and a couple days later noticed I was a friend short on facebook! After some furious sleuthery, I deduced that the upset commenter was the facebook defriender!

That'll teach ya to mock one man's savior with a hilarious youtube parody video link!

On with the PUMP, friends.

Sorry, but we've got another work related PUMP. So check this out: it was like 3:45 and I just got out of a marathon appointment with the founder of the company. Writin' mad business, dog.

Dude I was hungry like woah. Without thinking, I head over to my bag, dig through for a minute, and smile in amazement as my hand emerges with a dark chocolate-mocha protein bar in its grasp.

This is gonna be tasty.

Right as I sit down to enjoy this PROTEIN PACKED PUMP INDUCER, I notice a figure creeping towards me. Oh snap, it's the head honcho. Am I getting fired already?

He bends down, and quietly asks me, "hey do you have another one of those?"

I answer, "shit yeah dawg, cop a snack in my bag, cuz".

I actually answer, "yeah, there's a bunch in my bag over there".

This is the second day in a row I've shared a protein bar with him lol. PUMP: I'm no longer the only weirdo in the office eating protein bars.

FUTURE PUMP: someday, maybe not tomorrow, or next week, I'm going to convert the entire office into protein bar afficionados.

Don't worry, I didn't forget the most important part of HDPU: the PUMPY TUNES!

I went to high school with that dude. While not the typical HDPU fare, shit's catchy, son.

Next week: we're gonna do a special HDPU featuring this little guy I work with. Should be a classic!


Beer said...

I really like Barack Obama and think he's actually doing a pretty decent job. I'm not offended. Onward, friendship!

Cocaine said...

I'm still your friend even though I'm having Obama's baby.

Have you spread the fever of Tie Tuesday in your new biz setting? Sweater Vest Wednesday?

Tampa Protein Shit said...

Who's Obama?

Protein bars lead to protein shits. Not much worse than protein shits.

Except an office full of protein shits.

Not judgin' just sayin'...

liberal pussy said...

who the fuck are you obama-sympathizers?