Wednesday, October 27, 2010


There are a lot of people that it's OK to hate for practically no reason. These people include: select minorities, anybody different from you for any reason, women, little kids, animals, yourself, most cast members from MTV's Real World, Justin Beiber fans, crossing guards, people from a culture with which you're unfamiliar, and of course hipsters.

But none of these people are worse than the vile, the disgusting, the horrible, the worthless, the man who invented having no redeeming social value whatsoever, fuck this guy, MR TY PENNINGTON.

He believes "wish" is a really magical world. Did you know that when he was a kid, his parents gave him a hammer?

Lolol what a tool.

Goddamnit, Heckyeahwoman used to make me watch that Extreme Home Makeover show before Desperate Housewives every Sunday night. How can anybody like that dipshit?

And then I found out that there are slores out there that actually think he is attractive, holy fuck I practically cuffed Heckyeahwoman up for her gender's mis-steps.

OK, there is one slight redeeming quality for this turd: he plays ping pong. I love ping pong. I don't play enough ping pong. I would probably beat Ty Peniston in a game of ping pong.

After sitting here typing this thing up, I realized there really isn't a PUMP to be found. I mean, other than getting PUMPED UP about how much you hate this guy. OK, that's cool.

But let's bring this thing home:

A week and a half ago our friends invited us over for WINE AND CHEESE, and appetizers...a dinner party of sorts. It was fun. But then all of a sudden it got a LOT MORE FUNNER. Yeah, FUNNER.


We played some serious VIDS for like 2 hours. It was awesome; I was riding the SLICECYCLE, cuttin' zombies in half like what. Shit yeah, it's all I've been able to think about.

The worst part is, while we were playing Dead Rising 2 or 3 or whatever, I totally saw that homeboy had a sweet steering wheel/gas pedal combo thing for one of his racing games. I can't believe I forgot about that!

Believe me, I won't next time I'm over there.

Strap on those chainsaws, and go to town on some zombies/Ty Penningtons.


beerclinton said...

How do you feel about zombie horses set in the Old West? We've got that going on, as well as a battle with that TK guy.

What are you doing at, like, 7?

aintnothinbutaslorethingbaby said...

I fall under at least 3 of the catergories mentioned in the first paragraph. Is that bad?