Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Strife - In This Defiance

True story, Strife has been the cause of many real life PUMPS. Even though they have only been featured on a handful of HDPUs, they keep it PUMPED TO THE MAX in real life (IRL).

Sitting here, I can recall many times where Strife is playing on my ipod, and it's all I can do to not just start spinkicking and floorpunching the shit out of everything: waiting with HYW at the emergency room (twice), waiting with HYW at her lab on campus while she does some stuff, waiting in line at Paula Deen's restaurant in Savannah to get a reservation for lunch lol, waiting in line at the biannual huge book sale while HYW runs to get us coffee.

Speaking of waiting, what a way to start an album out! For me, the first song on a hardcore or punk rock album needs to PUMP YOU UP, let you know that this is gonna be an awesome album, and, well, be just like this song:

What kind of a review can I do here? Strife play raging, metallic hardcore, with some thrash influences, and awesome breakdowns. We could do a song by song analysis of what they bring to the table as a band, but all you'd read is "awesome, fucking awesome, PUMPS ME THE FUCK UP, lol the singer is bald, and that breakdown in Blistered was awesome".

Don't like angry yelling music? That's fine, but I guarantee that you'll at least bob your head during the breakdown @ 1:34. If not, you're obviously an enemy of awesome, and I will FUCKING KILL YOU EVENTUALLY.

A lot of times, performance based music videos are kinda lame, but this one is NONSTOP PUMP. It's like, whenever I put this album on, I picture the band in this music video, screaming each song at me. I picture an angry bald dude yelling at me.

One thing that always makes me lol is the cover art.

Can you pick up on the theme here? Things that are destroying, or are wrong with society. Normally I would fill fulla holes any pussy that thinks guns, drugs, booze, and money are a bad thing, but when you write an album AS FUCKING AWESOME AS In This Defiance, you get a free pass.

Anyway, look at the lower left picture of the gun.

I think those are .22 shells. OK, I get that you guys are straightedge, cool, but shit, a .22? That's like a step up from a bb gun. What the fuck is a .22 gonna do? Christ, when my brother and I were young, most kids were playing lazer tag; we were playing .22 tag. Why?

CAUSE WE WEREN'T PUSSIES. My dad always told me: you're not a man till you shoot your brother in the face with a 12 gauge.

Another awesome tune from that album. So much energy, so much anger, so much PUMP. Can you imagine how PUMPED these guys were when they were recording this album?

Great, fast song to lead into the album closer.

The only negative aspect of the album, besides the lol artwork: the noise tracks. There are 12 total tracks, including both an intro and outro of just noise. That sucks. Even worse, 2 of the actual songs have extended outros, with more noise. Totally ruins the PUMP.

Despite the few shitty drawbacks, I wouldn't hesitate to give this album a 10/10. Few things get my PUMP ON like these songs. OK, that's not entirely true, check out tomorrow to keep the PUMP ON HIGH.

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