Friday, October 15, 2010


Danzig - 1

True story - in a fit of laziness, I'm going to review an album that doesn't even need to be reviewed.

Awesome bluesy hard rock with great vocals. Almost like a heavy metal Elvis. Don't like Danzig? You don't know shit. There, now let's get to the goods.

Probably the best song on the album, a duet with a then unknown Shakira. Here we find Danzig expanding his artistic horizons further than he did with his previous bands, Samhain or the Misfits. Embracing diversity, Danzig tackles latino-punk, and sings partly in Spanish.

Another great tune showcasing Danzig's vocal range. And also what he likes to buy at the grocery store. It's wonderful to see him taking a time out from singing about being a demon, twists of Cain, and possession.

Love to see that Danzig is reaching out to a different target market with this song - soccermoms. Great song to listen to after dropping the kids off at soccer practice, then hitting the grocery store. Kudos to Danzig for getting out of his comfort zone.

Not sure if you managed to pick up the deluxe edition of the album, totally remastered, with bonus tracks. The last bonus track on the second disk is a long lost Danzig interview. It's called "Welcome to my book collection; this is just part of my book collection".

Holy ROFL at the werewolf part, "all documented, all true".

That's it for AWESOME ALBUM REVIEW WEEK!!!. Maybe ART WEEK!!! will make a late 2010 appearance. Back to the regularly scheduled ROFLS on Monday. Eat Shit!

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