Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Silent Drive - Love is Worth it.

Another fantastic album featuring just about every musical genre, ever. Nevermind the girly-man cover artwork. Though if I had to look at a picture of a flower, that's a pretty bad ass picture of a flower to be looking at. OMG I'm going to get that image tattooed on my face.

Here, check out the first song, "4/16". Great tune that manages to include just about every aspect of their sound, though there is a bit more yelling here. Wah wah, somebody died on April 16th, but still, AWESOME SONG.

One of the reasons I love this album is because of the vocals. Obviously the singer isn't Clay Aiken, but he really makes his limited skills work, and I think his vocals carry the band.

Members of Silent Drive have done time in numerous punk/hardcore/metal/indie/whatever bands, and those experiences shine through not in just the musicianship, but in the intensity in their sound.

Here's another awesome song, "Banana Rejection". This one really showcases his voice a bit more. Not sure if the reason I really dig this song is cause it's awesome, or because the title makes me think of my sweet collection of BANANA HAMMOCKS. every color.


It's funny, every once in a while I detect nu-metal influences in a few songs. Nothing too dad-hating, just enough to make me notice. Which reminds me, if you're a fan at all of any modern rock, there is no way you won't be able to enjoy this album. Silent Drive simply take all that is good about heavier rock, and well, just do it right. While the singer's powerful voice will probably be the first thing you'll notice, pay attention to how seamlessly the rest of the band jump from genre to genre.

I don't listen to this band for their lyrics, though they are better written than most; nah, I listen to this band because they're so goddamn awesome and catchy. But this little lyrical nugget always jumps out at me: "Tell your new lover that your ex-lover said hi". Listen below.

Bottom line, this is rock with roots in hardcore and metal. And while this certainly isn't hardcore or metal, those roots do shine through on occasion, it only adds to the intensity. With piano, great vocals, clean, jangly guitars, and a hardcore/metal/punk/indie pedigree, this is what every other rock band on the radio wishes they could sound like.

*besides Maroon 5, this will probably be the most "accessible" band to be reviewed during AWESOME ALBUM REVIEW WEEK!!!.

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