Friday, September 3, 2010

you lazy bastards

Just a couple quick observations from this past weekend.

Hit the local farmers market, got a bunch of tasty produce. Sweet. But walking back to the car, I spotted something kind of...for lack of a better word, fucked up.

Some dude was walking his dog, but instead of a regular dog collar, he had the leash attached to a harness. Check out this insanity: the harness had a little "pack" attached to it.

See the pic below:

That's about the size of the pack. But the dude had it stuffed full of what looked like paperwork.


Dude, are you going on a brutal hike through the frigid tundra of the UP, or are you walking to the farmers market in mid-August?

Whatever you're doing (the latter), know that I hate you.

I know the weight wasn't holding the dog down or anything, but it's more the principle. Couldn't you have brought along a fannypack, and stuffed your crap in there?

Oh you don't want to wear a fannypack?

Now you're going to tell me that you have some shame, as you walk downtown wearing a neon green sleeveless shirt, short shorts, and those monstrous glasses?

Really, middle-aged dickhead weirdo, really?

HYW and I had a good ROFL at that dude.

Then on Sunday, at the pool, I saw a father and son walk by, as we were sunning ourselves lol. Though this wasn't just any father-son bonding experience, this was a peculiar father-son lesson in forced hard labor.

See, this kid, probably about 6, no more than 3 feet tall was carrying a cooler. Check the pic below - they're both about the same size. Now imagine that little girl trying to carry that cooler when it's packed with ice. And daddy's special angry sauce.

I couldn't believe my eyes - the dad just smirked as his little son struggled with the MASSIVE COOLER. Something needed to be done; I had to step in and do the right thing: "Heckyeahwoman, go give that kid a hand with that cooler".


Tampa shithead said...

LOL fokker.

Read my comic.

Anonymous said...

my dog wears a dog backpack. it gives my dog a sense of "dog responsibility " and it makes her way less hyper . my pup loves it . she carries her own snack , water ,dish , and poo bags .