Monday, September 27, 2010

naked dudes wrestling

What a weekend.

Friday night I thought it would be nice to take Heckyeahwoman to a play, for her birthday. She agreed, so out we get some culture. The play was called Women in Love, and got generally pretty good reviews. Though it was referred to as "intimate" and "erotic", homosexuality was one of the themes, and there was a notorious naked dude wrestling scene, we were undeterred.

Keep in mind, I have no shame about most things, so you can be sure I don't give a shit about seeing weiners floppin' around. Would rather see big fake titties bouncing (in my face), but whatevs. So we're anticipatin' this scene coming up, and finally after intermission, it comes. The dudes are undressing, and I'm thinking it's gonna be a brief bout of wrestling, with most of the view of the penises obscured by thighs, arms, and the general chaos of a couple dudes wrestling for a second or two.

I was wrong.

The undressing was very deliberate, as each man just stood there and talked. Full frontal style. Finally the wrestling starts, and it was pretty meh. About four drawn out minutes later, it was done, and they were dressing again.

However, the wrestling didn't end without the audience being served a healthy amount of penis, scrotum, and gasp...male asshole. Yes, at one point, I looked up and dead center in the stage was one of the dudes bent over, being carnally held by the other, asshole in the air - allowing a view into the depths of his bowels. Literally.

Did the naked dudes add anything to the play? Do naked dudes ever add anything to anything? No to both.

The real bummer was that the chicks in the play were pretty hot, why couldn't they mud wrestle a little bit or something? I don't really need mud wrestling, but an areola slip woulda been nice.

Overall the play was enjoyable, and I'm glad we went. I think HYW was too. Also of note, the theater was next door to a bar, and they let you bring your beer in.

Saturday, being that it was Heckyeahwoman's birthday, we started the partying at like 12:30. Damn. Rode our bikes to the bar to watch the game, and of course HYW didn't tell me how messed up my hair was, from the bike helmet, the entire time we were there lol.

I looked like an idiot.

There were a couple really loaded assholes there - harmless undergrads, but the kind of trust fund shitheads that need a good beatdown. Multiple lols go out to one dude's girlfriend. She was tore up, bad, at like 12:45, and wound up just getting up and leaving at like 1 lol. But on her way out, she tried to put on her hooded sweatshirt - totally backwards and upside down. Her hood was by her butt, not her head.

Extra bonus lols, when we got there, and she was wearing the sweatshirt correctly, we noticed that just the tip of the cone-like hood was wet. It looked like a snowcapped mountain top, the way just the tip was wet. Not sure how that happened lol.

After the game, we came home, had a couple more beers, chilled out, then headed back downtown for dinner. Met up with our friend, had some dranks, and wound up at a bar packed full of hipsters. It was crazy, we were playing photohunt furiously, and we got interrupted multiple times by two (2) different sets of WORTHLESS FUCKING HIPSTERS, wanting to get on the game.

It was funny, we were out with our good friend, ****, probably one of the most chilled out people I've ever met, and he was getting visibly irate with these goddamn hipsters too. Seriously, we were about one pair of skinny jeans away from cuttin' some motherfuckers. Good times.

Woke up Sunday morning at like 11, hung over. I'm getting too old for this.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, had my first White Castle experience on Sunday. It was pretty tasty.


Darin said...

I miss White Castle, Krystal sucks down here

Cars said...

Ha. "Visibly irate." They were totally jocking our spot. Not to mention our credits.