Wednesday, September 22, 2010


FUCK YEAH, START THIS HUMP DAY OFF WITH THE GOODS. That song always PUMPS ME UP. But yo, who the fuck are those shitdicks in the band? I haven't seen Throdown live for over 5 years, and those twinks def weren't in the band back in the day.

But check this out, I've been sick for like 3 weeks straight. No kidding. Early September, I got this wicked sore throat. Never had my throat sore like that. Also, brutal coughing fits. Just as I'm getting better, HYW got sick too. Then I caught what she had a couple days later.

Only I didn't get it nearly as bad as she had it.

Why? Cause I keep my PUMP on HIGH. Goddamn right, but how do I manage that?

Number 1, this blog. Number 2, working out when sick. See, I don't give a shit about spreading my germs at the gym; I only give a shit about sweating that sickness out. I swear, I don't get sick that often, and when I do, it usually comes and goes pretty quickly. Well, except for that 2 week sore throat lol. But THAT'S THE EXCEPTION, ASSHOLES.

Shoot, when I broke my neck 3 years ago, I was at the gym the next day. When I died of AIDS a year ago last month, I was at the gym the next day.

You want to live in a daily state of INCREASED PUMP, even in the face of OVERWHELMING ODDS, like when you're sick? Go work out.

But before you do that, let's finish this MASSIVE PUMP UP.

Not quite feelin' the PUMP yet? Don't worry, I gotchu, dawg. THIS PUMP GON' HIT YOU FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION - THE VIZUAL DIMENSHUN. Look how JACKED this BLOCKHEAD is!!! So PUMPED.

Somebody get this guy a Grammy, or an Emmy, or whatever the fuck.

Shit yeah, here's a jam for you, with the original singer. GET PUMPED, GET HIGH AS HELL, AND RAISE YOUR FIST IN THE AIR...DRUG FREE

Heck yeah, nothin' I love more than chillin' out with a shitload of pills while listening to Throwdown scream about stayin' edge, bro. IDGAF, song is bad ass, and it PUMPS me the hell up. Goddamn, the 90's were awesome.

Oh wait, what? The 90's? Yeah, the 90's. Harvest - Epicure: ALL U NEED.

I was listening to that song the other day, when I was sick as hell, driving to and from the gym, and I almost got in a car accident I WAS SO PUMPED. I pulled out in front of some schmuck, this caused the oncoming car to swerve out of the way, and onto the curb lol. DON'T FUCK WITH THE PUMP, ASSHOLE. LESSON LEARNED.



SLORE said...

No mention of Maroon 5's new album? Weak.

Darin said...

because they suck

HECK YEAH, MAN said...


Darin said...

Hey, we all have questionable taste in music, no need to get upset, just wait until next week when I go 2-0 against the Tyriver family in fantasy football

SLORE said...

How about that Kentucky game though, WOW (totally unrelated, but necessary).

Darin said...

I wasn't too surprised by the Kentucky game, was hoping for a closer game but Kentucky doesn't produce the high school athletes (nogs)that Florida does

SLORE said...

Urban Dictionary: "nogs"
A group of black people shuckin and jivin on a street corner.

HY, M said...

lolol shuckin and jivin