Wednesday, September 1, 2010


The other day, one of my friends in an AWESOME BAND sent me an advance copy of the their new album. It smokes too.

You read that right, pussybeats? My FRIEND in a BAND, gave me an ADVANCE copy of the album. That's like a $3.99 value on itunes. C'mon, it's only 6 songs.

What now, pbeatz.

Hey man, don't hate me for having friends in high places.

Sorry that I know people.

No biggie.

Can't help being awesome.

Don't listen to this song - just read the title, and get PUMPED. OK sorry, listen to the song too.


Check out the new song live, and get PUMPED:

And check this out, the best part was when I searched youtube, one of the "suggestions", along the right side of the page, was a MAROON 5 VIDEO. HECK YEAH. SO PUMPED.

And then I clicked on the suggested video below, and got MAD PUMPED UP:

MAD PUMPED all day cause I had some really tasty treats at Dairy Queen on Sunday.

Yeah, we went to Dairy Queen on Sunday. AFTER WE RODE OUR BIKES TO THE POOL AND TOOK A DIP IN THE COLDEST WATER EVER I THINK I HAVE HYPOTHERMIA. It's whatever though, they had a sweet water slide, and we totally owned that thing holler @ ur boi

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