Friday, September 24, 2010

funny scene from a movie: wall street

SONOFAJACKYL, I couldn't find the scene on youtube. Or Google.

Anyway, have you ever seen the movie Wall Street, starring Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen, that dude from Scrubs, and Daryl Hannah?

Cause the scene I'm thinking of is from THAT MOVIE.

Brief synopsis: Charlie Sheen wants to make it big on Wall Street; Michael Douglas has already made it big, and takes Charlie under his wing. Charlie makes it big, much to the chagrin of his blue collar (real life) father, Martin Sheen. Charlie and Michael find a way to save the company Martin works for, and pitch it to the head honchos, Martin included. Of course Martin doesn't like Michael, but Charlie, with honest intentions, tries to convince his father to go for it. The two get into a big fight, and as Martin storms out of Charlie's apartment, Charlie says something to the effect of "my men will make sure it works out".

Martin replies with, "YOUR FUCKING MEN"! I mean, he YELLS it.

And I heard: "YOU'RE FUCKING MEN"!

Having just exited the apartment, they're on the busy streets of NEW YORK CITY OMG, and a dad is yelling at his son something about fucking men.

Imagine what passersby must have thought. A family is out for a walk in a nice part of the city, and all of a sudden MARTIN SHEEN storms out of some fancy apartment screaming at CHARLIE SHEEN about fucking men.

This makes me kind of nostalgic for when my dad yelled at me. Luckily he never yelled anything like that at me, usually it was just for fighting with my brother.

But imagine if he substituted any random family member in there: UNCLE NED, AUNT BETTY, YOUR MOTHER, THE DOG.

Man, that'd be crazy.

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