Friday, August 20, 2010

some say the camera adds 10 lbs

I'm not the most photogenic. It's true; I'm really not. Yeah yeah, kind of shocker - a man as handsome as I am, not being able to demonstrate that handsome-ness in a mere photograph.

And it's not just me; a lot of us suffer from nonphotogenica. Not a big deal, but life goes on. Well maybe it doesn't go on, you could die lol.

But what makes your seemingly nice smile and over-practiced pose transform into a toothy hosebeast of a mugshot? Most would argue the generic "camera adds 10 lbs" argument. My obvious response would be, "the 10 lbs actually adds the 10lbs, the camera is just the messenger". Don't kill the messenger!

Personally for me, I have a horrible smile: my teeth aren't perfect. Not snaggletooth style, but you get the gist. Like my tall friend from Tampa, my teeth could be straighter. Not his teeth - him, in general. I don't give a shit about his teeth.

And what about those intangible things that make your photo so unsavory?

Not sure, but as far as video cameras, I know for certain that if you're over, say 40 years old, a southern accent adds 30 lbs. No doubt about that.

I'm looking at you, Paula Deen.

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