Friday, August 27, 2010

remember the band lifehouse?

You know, those "Hangin' by a Moment" fruitcakes? 'Member them? (huh huh he said member)

While not a huge fan of the band or anything, I've never been mad at any of their tunes I've heard. Stupid, catchy, modern rock.

All the songs generally sound the same - the verses, with clean guitar, feel like they're building up into something epic. But then of course never do. And the vocal style always seems to sound the same.

Then you're gonna have the chorus where the guitar gets distorted, and he's shout-singing, again the similar vocal style from song to song.

But wait, why the hell am I posting about Lifehouse? And why am I dissecting their songwriting? I don't have an answer for you, sorry.

Check out what happens at about 1:16. Seriously, do it.

Did you see how the singer tackles the other dude? Why do you think he did that? Did you see the slight smile on his face? Or the look of "you retard" on the long-haired dude's face?

Obviously it's a performance-based video, with shots of the band acting "real", or "candid", thrown in. I get the concept, it's been done to death, dudes.

Maybe I'm naive, but I would have thought the "candid" shots didn't involve the director saying, "I got a great idea; I need the long-haired dude to stand here, and the singer to stand over there. On my count of three, I need the singer to run up and tackle the long-haired dude".

I can just imagine the smile spreading over the director's face, as he realizes what cinematic gold he just captured. I bet he goes home to tell his wife and children about the magic he witnessed today on the set.

"I know, I'm sorry, I told you I'd be home 9 hours ago. I know it's 4AM, but we nailed 'the shot'!", he tells his wife. "Just wait till you see the video, you'll see what I mean, I promise", he continues.

I've never been in a band, never toured with a band, but maybe that is what touring band mates do to kill time before they go on. Maybe they playfully tackle each other.

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