Friday, August 13, 2010

new report: smoking benefical to exercise

OK, this isn't really a new report, rather something I've been tossing around in my head for quite some time now. Most of you are acutely aware that I enjoy exercising. And some of you probably know that any exercise I get is negated by all the fried food, booze, and drugs. If you do the math, you'll see that I'm breaking about even then.

But what if there was a catalyst to get me over that hump?

Anyway, check this out, I've been contemplating taking up smoking - to complement my physical activity. I really believe that any adverse effects to my lungs will be canceled out by the benefits.

Wait, benefits?

Of course smoking is disgusting, and is only warranted during select times (when you're pretty loaded, and now, when you're exercising). But follow me here, after smoking for a year or two, you'll probably find that it's harder to breathe. Probably harder to do a lot of things. You'll get winded quicker, and more often. Simply climbing a flight of stairs can turn into a horrible ordeal.

Now imagine applying that same principle to the gym. Do you know how much harder you're going to have to work to run those three miles, after smoking half a pack of ciggs? Yeah, much harder. How you gonna squat 245lbs when you got the shakes cause you're craving a nic-fix? You're gonna have to bust your ass to pound that set out.

Do you know how much harder you'll have to train, to reach your goals? Because it will be literally harder to reach them. You'll sweat more, you'll exercise longer, you'll get more out of your workouts. And isn't that the goal anyway?

Just something to think about as the weekend approaches.

PS - I'm still trying to find justification for going to the gym drunk.

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Tampa Squats said...

You should smoke a pack at a time.

BTW - I squat 245 lbs everytime I go to the bathroom.

I leave at a svelt 230.