Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Do you remember a recent HUMP DAY PUMP UP about a potential MELTDOWN? Where the coax input broke clean off the back of the TV? Remember that?

Well that sucked.

But we got it fixed! That's right, I googled the crap out of the problem, and found a device that will supposedly lettuce use our TV again! So I ordered this $55 contraption, and waited patiently for it to come.

3 days later, it arrived! Unfortunately after hooking it up, following the directions, swearing, and fucking around with it for an hour, IT STILL DIDN'T DO WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO DO.

So I packed it up, and sent it back. What the hell is an RF Demodulator anyway?

Lucky for us, my friend Google had another solution: buy an old VCR, hook it up, and enjoy television.

Even better, my other friend, Craig Slist, had a sweet VCR on sale for $15! After a couple email exchanges, I found myself on my way over to some dude's house to take his VCR off his hands. It was kinda weird; I'd never used craigslist before, but the dude was totally normal, and wasn't sketchy at all.

I wonder what he would have thought if he'd seen the .357 magnum I was packing lol.

*extra bonus lol: before I left to pick up the VCR, I let Heckyeahwoman know that I was taking off, and as I was walking out the door, I said, "oh shit, I forgot my gun".

Lol, I'm sure the neighbors 5 blocks down could hear her, "HONEY NO!".

Anyway, I'm driving back home, sweet VCR chillin' in the back seat, and the anticipation is killing me. Finally I get home, barely have time to grab a beer before I'm hooking this thing up.

Sure as shit, like 10 minutes later, everything was working perfectly! SO PUMPED. DON'T HAVE TO DROP A GRAND ON A HUGE NEW TV!

But how does "hooking up" a VCR automatically make the channels magically appear on the talking picture box? Easy! I hooked the cable from the wall into the VCR, and plugged the VCR into the TV with composite cables. HECK YEAH!

THE TV WORKS SO NOW WE CAN WATCH "BACHELOR PAD" EVERY MONDAY FROM 8-10 PM EST! This show is awesome. Watch as dumb bitch Tenley cries about something stupid lol.

TO GET THINGS EVEN PUMPIER, AFTER 2 HOURS OF BACHELOR PAD, DATING IN THE DARK COMES ON...FOR A FULL HOUR! Watch below as some idiot tries to romance some Eastern Bloc Broad.

I've never watched this much TV in my life! Well, except for the Lost season finale - weekly, hour long show, with a 5 hour long marathon finale lol.

Can't wait for BACHELOR PAD!


Aimee said...

Loser. You should always leave your glock in your CAR. GEEZ.

HECK YEAH, MAN said...

buck the heat

Tampa Mofo said...

I hope your tv dies.

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