Monday, July 26, 2010

tollbooth meltdown redux

Yo, first things first: got the car all loaded up, and we're on our way to Ann Arbor right now.

Fuck yeah she is.

Barring any major traffic accidents, me driving off the side of a mountain in Tennessee, one of my wheels flying off and us careening into oncoming traffic, my car exploding, Heckyeahwoman unbuckling my seatbelt opening my car door and pushing me out the door, a drunk driver plowing into us head on, a dude in a helicopter firing a rocket launcher at my car, Rambo stabbing me with his bowie knife, our cat freaking out in the car and biting my jugular, or a SCUD missile being launched right at my face, we should be there by early Tuesday afternoon.

Haha, speaking of driving with HeckyeahWOMAN, do you remember my post about Heckyeahwoman and I hitting a tollbooth in Orlando, only for it to malfunction?

And then she blamed me for the toll booth not working properly?

Well guess what...after an amazing honeymoon, we had to encounter that same troublesome tollbooth again.

There it was, looming in the distance. As we approached, we both joked about "the last time we were at this tollbooth".

Would the newlyweds survive the harrowing experience once again? Would our marriage last?

Good news: we're about to find out, pussybeatz.

OK, I totally can't remember what happened with the tollbooth; I have no idea if it malfunctioned again. HECKyeahwoman didn't answer the phone when I called to ask if she remembered, so I don't really have a definitive answer for you.

But rest assured that if we hit any tollbooths on our drive to Michigan, I'll gladly take the blame if it malfunctions. In fact, I'll take the blame when Heckyeahwoman tells me to take a left, and we wind up in California.

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