Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sweet meatloaf song

OK, we're back from the honeymoon. I have clean underwear/banana hammocks, and with the exception of packing/cleaning/moving, I should be able to whip out some quality posts with semi-regularity.

Like my bowels. Exactly like my bowels.

Coming soon will be a nice little wedding write up, mostly just a review of the vendors we worked with. That should be coming up in a couple days. Or "soon". Whichever comes first.

"sweet meatloaf post"

Must've been a couple weeks ago when we found ourselves at a bar. A bar that featured karaoke.

It was sweet: not only did the bar do the typical karaoke words on a screen, but they showed the music video that accompanied the song. Heck yeah. Not sure why I care about stupid music videos, but it was a nice touch.

Halfway into the night, this classic joint comes on:

Lul at the still shot on the clip.

Anyway, what is so funny about the video - besides the video itself?

Nothing really, other than the drunken thought I had while singing along with the chorus, in my head: "I would do anything for love, but I won't do that".

"Yeah, if you won't do it, I'm sure someone else will".

And they will.

Clearly the unmentioned subject of this song is ANAL SEX.

Other awesome bonus story from the bar that very same night: after drinking a couple beers, I realized I needed to kick the party up a notch. It was just me, my homeboy *******, and a bunch of broads out, so yo, lemme get some sauce. Since I didn't have a collar to pop (I was wearing a t shirt), the only way to jump start things was to get some whiskey.


"HOW MUCH I OWE U?" Yes, I said U, not you. She told me it was $9. I threw a crumpled up $10 at her, and told her to "KEEP ALL THE CHANGE".

Right as I'm about to exit the bar, here's my friend *****. So I chatted with her for a minute, and all of a sudden her eyes noticed my HUGE

glass of whiskey. For some reason I was a little salty about the price of it, so I tell her, "It was 9 goddamn dollars, I should get my dollar tip back".

And just like that, the bartender hands my dollar bill tip back over to me.


Don't worry, I put it back on the bar; and we ROFLed as we walked back to our group.

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Tampa said...

I guess she would do anything for a tip, but she won't do that.

Fuck 'er in the ear.