Friday, July 16, 2010

sorry man, that's kinda weird

Went to karaoke one night a couple weeks ago, saw some dude do a great rendition of "U Don't Have to Call", by Usher.

And then he busted out Montell Jordan's "This is How We Do It".

Dude did a better-than-your-average-karaoke-singer's job of each song. Both times, everybody in the bar were into it. It was so memorable, in fact, that when I saw him at the same bar's karaoke night a couple days ago, I said what's up, and asked him if he was going to sing again.

Nicely, he replied something about getting there a little late, but he was going to do the Usher song again.

After grabbing my drink, I say, "Awesome", and head back to my friends.

Sure enough, a couple songs later, dude is kicking out "U Don't Have to Call", walking around the club (*da club), slappin' high fives, and GETTIN' THE PARTY POPPIN' WUT EH YO. Good job, homeslice.

Later that night I find myself walking back to the bar fo' some mo' purple drank, and here comes the dude, hand up, looking for a high five. Weird. Maybe not that weird. Anyway, he blocks the path to the bar, asks me, "D'ya like that?".

"Yeah man, great song, good job dude", as I give him his high five.

Obviously not satisfied, he asks me for my name, as he goes for the handshake. "****, nice to meet you", as I shake his hand.

Still not satisfied, he gets out his smart phone, and I notice the familiar blue background of facebook on his little screen. "What's ya last name, man?"

"Uhh, for what dude?", I inquire - but strangely leave out the inflection present in most questions, making it sound more like a straight up statement.

"Oh man, Ima friend you on facebook, dude", he fires back.

Totally weirded out, I let him know: "Sorry, I only really friend people I really know, like my friends. Sorry man, I don't really know you. That's kinda weird".

A little dejected, he understands, but tries one more time, "but you can see my videos, man".

"Right on bruh", as I pat him on the back, and head back to my group of (real & facebook) friends, reflecting on the blog-potential of that little interaction.

Not really my prerogative* to watch videos of overweight black men singing other peoples' songs.

I don't give a shit, some Usher songs PUMP ME UP.

*Great job to both *** & ******* for singing that song.

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