Thursday, July 1, 2010

sorry for the break

Sorry for the lack of posts, been too busy vacationing, partying, being awesome, eating great food, livin' the life, and consummating things.

We'll be back eventually, probably in a week or so, but keep checking back because we hiked in the rainforest to a waterfall the other day, and while we're all hanging out in the waterfall, I look downstream about 100 feet and see some retard painting his entire upper body with mud.

Seriously, this shithead was completely covered, from the chest up, in mud.

Fucking mud.

You hike for half an hour, sweat your ass off, and instead of taking in the beauty of an awesome waterfall, you sneak downstream and play in the mud.

Fuck you, random retard tourist kid.

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Anonymous said...

Yo toof, we need your presence at the