Friday, July 23, 2010

fat chick tanning

I was at the gym last weekend hanging out, socializing, gettin' my talk on, and just chillin', when all of a sudden I notice some obese trick azz bit walk in, arms all a-jigglin'.

WTF ho.

Apparently she was inquiring about tanning. Tanning.

Trick, it's a beautiful Saturday afternoon right now. Only reason I'm not outside enjoying the shit out of the weather is cause I did yesterday; and now I have a brutal sunburn. True story, a week later, and my arms are still peeling lol.

But back to the fatty.

She was talking to the owner about getting a tanning sesh in in. You could clearly tell he was holding back a snicker, as he glanced outside.

But goddamn she was ungodly overweight.

Anyway, I was on my way out, so I rudely interrupted the owner as he was telling Chubbs about the tanning packages (talk about my package, bro). No worries, "A'ight *****, I'm taking off, man. I need to get outside, it's beautiful out! Maybe work on my tan a little bit, see you tomorrow!"

Right as I said, "maybe work on my tan a bit", I totally looked at the fatty, and sneered at her. She knew what I meant. I like to think she did.

By the time she decided whether she was gonna tan or not, I was already gone. Bummer, I'll probably never know if she was able to read between my lines.

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