Monday, June 7, 2010

touchdown jesus

OK, I'm back from vacation. Actually, I got back on Friday, and have been in a constant state of either "working out" or "loaded", since. Speaking of Friday though, not sure what happened with the post not posting. Actually I know exactly what happened: I didn't post anything. And by not posting it, I mean that I was way too loaded to take the time to finish up the post while on vacation. That, and we hardly had any internetz.

So where the hell was I, and what did I do? Well, we were in New Orleans, San Antonio, Baton Rouge, and Panama City Beach. And we pretty much just partied nonstop. Gone for about a week and a half, massive road trip. But don't worry, the vacation produced some great blog-worthy stuff.

Let's talk about the time the cops yelled at my friend ****** and I, at the Alamo.

Maybe some of you have heard of "Touchdown Jesus". Maybe you haven't. I don't give a shit.

But here it is:

We didn't see it, as it's not in Texas. Actually, I have no idea where the hell it is.

Anyway, what the hell does TOUCHDOWN GODDAMN JESUS have to do with the Alamalamo? Nothing really, we just saw some big ass sculpture monument thing that looked a little bit like TOUCHDOWN JEEZUS.

And like any great patriot, we decided to climb it.

And like any great patriotic asshole, we decided to recreate the pose, sans the nudity. Though looking back now, hangin' the brain would have been a great idea.

And like any great po, Officer Friendly here yelled at us to, "GET OFF THE MOTHERFUCKIN' STAT-CHU RYTE NAW!".

Yeah dickhead, way to yell at us AFTER we climbed all the way up, got sweet pictures taken, and were already halfway down. Way to protect and serve, officer pussybeats.

Kind of an interesting aside: while not too daunting of an ascent, the climb down looked kinda brutal from up top. I managed to scratch the shit out of my leg, and got some pretty bad ass wounds, going down. On dudes lol.

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