Monday, June 14, 2010

this is for real

This is correspondence from an actual, real-life company that I am working with. It's the restaurant we are booking our rehearsal dinner with.

The manager of the restaurant simply replied to my email, in response to my inquiry about a set menu. She wrote:

"I can do the menu you would like for $20.00 this will also include a non alcoholic beverage. The option for a salad will be 2.99 extra and for the soup 4.49 extra. We do not know yet what our soup will be for that day. We are going threw a menu change in June and the only items that will be changing on your menu is the soups so whatever 2 soups we have I will add on. With the special menu’s we add 18% gratuity. If you are okay with all of this please let me know and I will have you all set up!"

Did you read that? Did she even read it before she sent it?

As I was getting ready to reply to this, to finally secure the details of the dinner, I found myself repeatedly typing, then erasing: "FUCK YOU YOUR A IDIOT!"

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