Monday, June 21, 2010

i'm married now

It's official: I have a hot wife.

Everybody that came to celebrate: we loved having you, thanks!

Everybody that couldn't make it, but wanted to: hopefully I'll see you next time.

Back in full effect on Wednesday, with HUMP DAY PUMP UP - But for now Ima consummate this thing right now.

OK, fine, quick little story from the wedding:

So it happened: the officiant announced our marriage, the ceremony was over! Wow! Goddamnit, pictures are next. Knowing the humid, sweat-filled doom that awaited us, we all slowly trudged outside to get our picture on. Luckily it didn't take much more than an hour to get the family, bridal party, and everything photographed.

Horrible, inefficient, and sweaty? Yes. But for the most part, the pictures were done. Time for the entrance.

That's right, Heckyeahwoman and I make our grand entrance together, into the reception. While the DJ is getting everybody into the reception hall, I'm hanging out back with the beautiful bride, the ring bearer, and his mother. In case you didn't know, the ring bearer is my good friend's 2 year old son. Such a cute little guy, and he looked really handsome in his little baby-suit.

As I head outside to meet up with Heckyeahwoman, and do this thing, the ring bearer snuck out the open door, and made a break for it!

Oh noez!

No worries, I walked over and picked him up, but as I bent down and grabbed him, TEEEAAARRRR!


Sure enough, after placing the ring bearer back down on the earf, my hand slowly found its way to the seat of my pants. There it is - a sweet 6 inch tear.

After some checking, we discovered that my suit jacket covers up the tear. Thing is, it's a million degrees, and humid as hell - I need to lose the coat, dog. That, and my suit was more expensive than the bride's dress lol.

So there it is, your boi doin' the grand entrance with a huge-ass tear along his ass-crack. Then we did the first dance, and I kept my back to the wall the entire time.

Look out for a more in depth wrap up, but for now, here's my initial thought on seeing the bride: WOULD.


Anonymous said...

Congrats HYM!

-uncl mike

Tampa Dude said...

Congrats HYM - that was a really kick-ass wedding! You looked dapper (yeah dapper) in your suit and HYW looking beautiful in her gown.
Rocket boy had a blast - and I was honored to take part. I can only wish you guys the best. You're a good man and HYW is a great woman.
The worst part of all this is you guys leaving Florida - but I guess that just means more of it for me! Enjoy the cold! ;-)
Hope the honeymoon was as awesome as the wedding!