Wednesday, June 23, 2010


PICTURE PUMP UP! I totally got married on Saturday!

I'm on the left, homeboy grabbin' my bride's ass on the right. Hey, better than him grabbing her boobs though, right?

It rained, so we had the ceremony indoors. I'm pretty happy about that, cause it was HOT AS FUCK. Luckily on the way to the afterparty, we managed to snag a pic at the gazebo, where we would have gotten married, had the weather cooperated.

Took that shit off with my teef.

Precursor to consummation, friends.

I was so PUMPED that my eyes actually looked like that.

The wedding/reception produced enough pictures for HUMP DAY PICTURE PUMP UPS for ages.

1 comment:

Tampa Dude said...

True story on that last pic! Awesome and congrats again!

Now go get a job nits!