Monday, May 17, 2010

lets just give you chemotherapy

So like, I've been having an issue with my car. It's been going on for about a year now: whenever I get it up to like 65 mph, the steering wheel starts violently shaking. Actually the entire car shakes. At first I thought it was because I drive like an asshole, that the shaking was just a side effect. Surprisingly not the case. Finally realizing there's probably something wrong with the car, I decided that it's going to get fixed this (now last) week.

Since the Dodge dealership in town is full of WORTHLESS FUCKING ASSHOLES FUCK YOU LEN YOU COCKSUCKER, I thought I'd give Heckyeahwoman's beloved Honda dealership a try. Calling them up, I told the service dude that I need an oil change, and then I proceeded to explain to him the problem, telling him that once I get to 65ish mph, the steering wheel shakes.

"You'll be able to take the car out to check it out, right; you'll get it to like 65 or 70, right?" I asked, wary of previous bad experiences with car dealerships.

"Oh yeah yeah, it probably just needs a wheel balance, but we'll check it out", he answered.

Sweet, so I made an appointment. Even better, Heckyeahwoman was nice enough to let me take her car to work one day, while she brought mine in.

So a little after 2 hours from when the appointment started, HYW emails me to let me know that the car is back, and they did the oil change, balanced the wheels, and fixed the alignment.

Awesome, "did they take it on the highway to make sure that it was fixed?", I axed her.

"No, they can only test it out up to 50 miles per hour at the facility, and they said the highway was too far", she answered.

Needing clarification, I asked, "Oh, so they didn't test it to see if it got fixed?"

"I don't know, they said it probably just needed a wheel balance, so they did that, fixed the alignment, changed your oil, and they said the the highway was too far", she snapped back.

Knowing that the interstate is pretty far, but assuming the dealership is in the same location it's always been - close to a different highway, "oh, so they moved then, they're not on the corner of 39th & Main anymore, like a mile from Highway 301?"

She proceeded to get angry at my superior investigative skills.

But wait, that's not important, did you catch that?

They didn't even properly diagnose the problem; they guessed. And then they didn't even double check to see if they're guess was right.

Let's put that in a different context.

What if you walked into the doctor's office, hunched over with stomach pains, and the doctor says, "it's probably stomach cancer, let's give you chemotherapy"? And then gives you a brutal chemo session in your belly, looks at you, and declares you cured.

My head hurts, I have a headache. Do I need brain surgery? After deducing that you have throbbing towards the back of your head, he jams a scalpel straight into your cerebellum, and sends you on your way.

I stubbed my toe, and it's sore. We're amputatin'! OK, this isn't a good example, cause if a doctor saw my gnarled-ass toes he'd probably figure it was a some fast spreading degenerative disease, and rightfully amputate lol.

But like what the FUCK? I can't believe that this is acceptable. You can't just look at a problem, not do any testing, and say, "most of the time when x happens, y is the cause". I mean you can, but then you can't just blindly perform y, without any follow up. And then you better make GODDAMN SURE that y worked. I'm not a scientist, but a shitload of my friends are, and I'm sure they'd agree. That, or they'd have a facebook meltdown about it.

These dickheads at the Honda Dealership are giving the shiteaters at Gainesville Dodge a run for their money in overall worthlessness.


Susan said...

Maybe you should get a horse, or a donkey?

Tampa said...

Viva la PT Cruiser!