Monday, May 31, 2010

keepin it real w/ the inlaws

Short little story here, but let me tell you, I kept it real. Really awesome.

Heckyeahwoman's parents were in town for her graduation two weeks ago. It was great, they're a lot of fun, and we all had an awesome time.

Anyway, on the way to dinner one night, Heckyeahwoman was riding shotgun, with her 'rents in the back, and we're slowing down. What the hell, that asshole up there is trying to sneak in, and pull out in front of me.

Hell naw, dawg, I'm gassing this bitch, and not letting him in. It was a limo. A limo just trying to force its way into the traffic flow. Naturally, the minute I gas it a bit, Heckyeahwoman let's her inner-backseat-driver out, and yells at me to let him in.

That's when things got awesome:

In a stern, forceful voice, I told her, "Heckyeahwoman, don't tell me what to do. I'm driving."

Immediately after I said that, silence. SILENCE. No chit-chatting coming from the back seat, nothing. It seemed like the radio even muted itself.

I don't even remember if I let the guy in or not, I was too caught up in the awesome.

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