Thursday, May 6, 2010

crash diet update #1

Did you read yesterday's HUMP DAY PUMP UP?

If not, scroll down. Go ahead, we'll wait for you.

Every morning I post about it, and link it up, on facebook; and today some jealous twink decided to have a meltdown about it.

Click the picture, and witness the insanity.

But anyway, back to the real update: not a lot has changed. I got home from work ready to totally bail on working out, as I was pretty sore from yesterday. Unfortunately, Heckyeahwoman had just wrapped up one of the videos, and was waiting for me to get home to start the other one.

Being that my upper body was beat, I just did the lower body video, and wtf, that was a lot of jumping lol. Especially for living on the second floor of an apartment complex.

For dinner, we each get like 4 ounces (lol) of chicken breast, and some steamed broccoli. My evening snack will be a cup of decaffeinated tea. Pretty soon I'll be bobbing for turds in the cat's litterbox.

After the first day, all I felt is hunger. Seriously, I make too much money to even think about being hungry.

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CWBT said...

Please take pictures of bobbing for cat turds. That would make great lolcats.