Friday, April 16, 2010

just wanted to clear something up

The weather is warmin' up, the sun is comin' out, that only means one thing. It means that it's warmer 'n sunnier out.

OK, it also means that spring is here! And summer isn't far behind! Allay'all know what goes hand in hand with summertime, right? The beach!

With that come updates on facebook about how somebody is going to the beach.

BUT!!!, it appears some people are confused about the beach. Perhaps some clarification is in order.

I'm from Wisconsin. There is no ocean; there is no gulf, there are no keys, no white sand beach, no saltwater, no riptides, undertow, or undercurrents. I'm not entirely convinced that Wisconsin even grows its own sand.


Lake Winnebago? You think that's a beach? It's a lake. A shitty dirty lake that I can't believe I once swam in.

Green Bay? IT'S A BAY. Also, see the picture below.

Clearly homeboy isn't a Packer fan. The least he could have done is wear some green and gold.

Oh, you go to Lake Michigan? Shit, I've been closer to the beach when I'm bathing in my toilet.

You don't even know what "the beach" is. I live in Florida - I've seen beaches. You don't see me talkin' all about climbing mountains, skiing, and shit, do you?

Didn't think so.

See that picture up there? That's a beach. That's where I'm at, right now.

Have an awesome weekend! Hopefully I'll be alive so I can post something on Monday.

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