Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I'ma let my friend handle this one. One fine day, he message me on the facebook on my computer, and sent me a couple sweet music videos. I decided that they'd be great for a HDPU, so I axed him one if he'd do a GUEST HDPU!?!?!?

Without finking twice about it, he agreed to do it. FUCK YEAH.

After all, a lot of different things PUMP a lot of different people UP. So let's get some variety up in this bit, right? Ok, there's still gonna be hardcore videos, but they're gonna be awesome. Like they always are. And you're not gonna watch them. Like you never do lol.

Quick story about this guy: he has the same first name as me. Pretty bad ass.

One time he came over to my place to jam. True story, he had his guitar tuned so low that even before he plugged it in, when he was strumming it, my bowels were a-rumblin'.

And him hearing my bowels a-rumblin' PUMPED HIM UP. Naturally, him getting PUMPED UP, PUMPED ME UP.

Let's see what my friend has to say to you today:

There comes a time in every (wo)man’s life when (s)he has to look in the mirror and ask this question, “What pumps me up?”. Is it an awesome moustache? Maybe. Is it bad ass explosions in movies? Absolutely. Is it drunk bowling? God, let’s hope so, because if that doesn’t pump you up you’ve got a bigger set of problems.

I found myself in front of the mirror a few days ago asking myself this question and the answer was an overwhelming FUCKING HEADWALKS BRO! Goddammit, nothing pumps me up more than watching some dude run on a bunch of other people’s heads. Don’t fucking believe me, watch the video below:

Not only did that guy just dominate the heads of everyone in the crowd, some other guy got so pumped that he took his clothes off and attempted (failed) a stage dive. Now, I don’t necessarily condone poorly attempted semi-naked stage dives, but I do condone being that JACKED UP!

Not PUMPED yet? Not sure how you couldn’t be, but I’m gonna play the numbers here and assume at least one (1) of the millions(1,000,000s) of readers isn’t quite at maximum pump yet. Here’s another video that’s shorter, faster, louder, and better quality:


Now that everyone is at the utmost PUMP, we can start our day. So lets take a minute to imagine that this Hump Day is a sea of people; and we’re about walk all the fuck over it.


Holy shit, I should do these guest PUMPS more often. I'm rock hard right now.


Vorak said...


Dom said...

goddamn pussies

heck yeah, man said...

i just yelled at my cat (for puking on the floor), punched one of the ferrets, did the dishes, ate a shitty dinner, almost had a meltdown. yeah, that's how PUMPED i was today.